Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click Vancouver

The basic technique of advertising on the internet is through Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising and campaigns. Google, Bing and Yahoo were the major players in 2009. A PPC campaign helps you discover who actually visits your website. You only have to pay for the clicks to your site if an individual happens to click on the result of a search engine, banner or link or comes to your site. An impression is when a person sees your link but he does not click.

A tracking system explains what people do on your site once they go through PPC advertising. This is possible when you use the click-stream analysis. This information is important in management of your advertising and establishes feasible methods to:

  • Get high quality traffic

  • Conversion of visitors into customers

  • Develop action that makes revenue

The main basis of PPC advertising is keyword selection. The whole internet advertising market is based upon opting for appropriate keywords and terms. Nicely managed PPC advertising can lead to great traffic.